Let's Start Mustache Party

12:42 AM

hello Sunday
hello people
with me again heree 

mustache mustache, dunno why, just fall in love with the mustache hahaa
yesterday, me and Tabita were going crazy and did something childish hhaaha
i made mustaches and we took photos with them, how lovelyy

(no need to mention, i know we are lil bit crazy XD)

So guys, what do you think bout this mustache?
cute right?

just wanna tell you the secret. i made the mustaches by myself. yes, you can make it too. just draw the mustache's shape in a piece of black paper, cut it, and taraaaaaa you have your own mustache :)


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  1. you put tape on it right? so it can stick? (yeah). i have fake mustashes at my house. as a joke, me and my BFFs wear them and like walk around my yard. :P

  2. P.S go to www.olliehahaha.blogspot.com to look at my blog!!!

  3. cannot open your blog, dunno why :(
    btw, about the music on my blog, you can open videokeman.com, then choose the song, copy the code, and paste it in your blog's gadget :D

  4. Replies
    1. saw it denisse! preety cool! go to mine! www.olliehahaha.bolgspot.com
      :) :) :)

  5. o3o i love mustaches! *LeMustachio* i have mustache suspenders